Our Core Values:

PLAY FAIR: At SANDBOX we place a very high premium on corporate governance and our corporate relationships. As a corporation we will maintain a climate of integrity and openness with our shareholders, regulatory bodies, suppliers, contractors, employees, and all those whom we come into contact.

CLEAN UP: At SANDBOX we are committed to environmental stewardship. We will ensure our operations meet regulatory standards, and look for new and innovative ways to ensure our operations are lessening our corporate footprint on the lands we touch as a company

SHARE OUR TOYS: Profits are critical to the ongoing viability of any corporation. However, as a corporation we will strive to maintain an environment that creates a positive ROI for our shareholders and values the trust that they have put in our corporation to manage their investment capital wisely. In addition, as a corporation we will support the communities in which we operate on a daily basis.

CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION: As a corporation it is our goal to constantly foster an environment of creativity and possibility. This is also where we learn from our mistakes. The goal is to take what we have learned and aim to build a higher sandcastle next time.

SIMPLICITY: As a corporation our asset base is structured around core, conventional oil and gas targets. These provide stable, near term cash flow, long RLI, and predictable returns for our shareholders. We will couple this though with large land base acquisition to give us the opportunity to look for ways to creatively and more effectively explore for and produce oil and gas.